Taiwan Graduate School of Theology

Taiwan Theological College and Seminary 台灣神學院 is often known as “Taishen” 台神. The school, along with other seminaries, has been accredited by the government, so now goes by the name “Taiwan Graduate School of Theology” 台灣神學研究學園. We claim to be the oldest modern school of higher education in Taiwan, begun initially as a small Bible school by George Leslie Mackay in 1872.

My former coworker and still-friend, Stephen Lakkis, created a very nice English site for the seminary here.

We typically have about fifteen faculty members. There’s a small cadre of senior faculty that are fairly steady, and then we have tried a wide range of different programatic concentrations (education in the distant past, social work until a few years ago, counseling now, etc.). We have particular strengths in Old Testament, Theology, and Music, but also very strong faculty in History, Worship, Counseling and other fields.  You can find faculty bios here.

Our main centers on campus are probably the Research Center for Christian Thought and a Historical Center, which includes an exhibition hall. We have smaller centers (some now defunct) that build on strengths in public theology, systematics, preaching, contextual theology, mission, Calvin, and urban “aborigines.”

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