Emily and I are two of the 130 or so mission co-workers currently sent by the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), and are the most recent of about 80 US Presbyterians who have come to Taiwan since 1951. We have been in Taiwan with PCUSA since 2009 and we serve under the oversight of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (PCT).


With PCT Staff shortly after arrival in Taiwan in 2009. 

The PCT is the oldest continuous Protestant denomination in Taiwan. It has around 1200 churches throughout the island. It has three seminaries: Taiwan Seminary in Taipei (where I teach), Tainan Seminary, and Yushan Seminary. The PCT is also known for its two universities, Aleithia and Chang-Jung, and for several hospitals, including Mackay and Maxwell Memorial. The wikipedia page on the PCT offers a brief overview. For a conference in 2012 I wrote a paper on the PCT.

The PCT is different from other churches in Asia in its development. Where there were something like 400 mission groups in China, until WW2 most Protestants in Taiwan were Presbyterian. The Presbyterian Church has been famous for its human rights advocacy and today it is known as one of the strongest advocates of “mother tongue,” homeland, and contextual theologies.

The PCT has a fair number of English materials available, including its confession of faith, a number of public statements, and some historical materials.


Statue of George Leslie Mackay praying in Tamsui.

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