Belated End of UK Trip Description

The end of our UK trip went very well. We spent three days in Edinburgh. I’m really grateful for the chance to have connected to different institutions and friends along the way. Cambridge, Oxford, and Edinburgh all have strong world Christianity/mission centers. It wasn’t the purpose of this trip, but I am also trying to figure out whether it is worth pushing my school to develop its (basically fictional) “Mission and Pluralistic Learning Center,” or where there may be some possibilities for collaboration in the future.

I also really admired the PhD programs at the several schools. The Cambridge center has a professional doctorate (similar to a DMin) that they offer in conjunction with a local university. Tom’s center at Oxford is the largest mission PhD-granting institution in the world (he said they had recently passed Fuller). In Edinburgh, Alex has a number of students working on very interesting topics, from contextual theology to qi and Christian theology. It was wonderful to get time with him, and also to meet a set of Taiwan students and friends who hopefully will be back in a few years at places like Tainan Seminary, China Evangelical Seminary, or Fu-Jen.


I was able to see the site of the Edinburgh 1910/2010 gatherings, visit John Knox’s house, and attend two churches, one Church of Scotland (Palmerston Place Presbyterian) and one the Evangelical Chinese Church in Edinburgh (which I found out later had had one of our current teachers, Simon Wei, as their pastor for a while). Edinburgh has had an outsize influence on the development of my academic field, and for Presbyterians it also looms large in our memory. This was my first Scotland trip, so I was grateful for the chance to go. I had a haggis baked potato and we spent a lot of time just walking around. We even had “pretty good” weather: a rainy day, and two clear days.

The travel itself was fairly smooth. We took an overnight sleeper train, The Caledonian Sleeper. It was late, but in the end because of the late arrival they have a policy of fully refunding the fare, which was a nice surprise. On the way back we arrived at Cambridge late. We spent one last day in London and finally visited the London Museum. A surprise was that Sam’s favorite museum turned out to be a small University of London zoology museum. He just adored it and spent hours looking at skeletons and pickled snakes and all other manner of objects.

I don’t have pictures up here yet. I may end up adding an album to google images. One of my challenges has been that I think I’ve maxed out my images for this site. I used to always feel that I was fairly naturally tech savvy but lately I think I’m bumping up against my limits 🙂

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