UK Days

We’ve now been in UK for 5 or 6 days, depending on how you count. I’m here for two weeks—it’s a mix of vacation a chance to check out some mission/world Christianity sites.

We arrived Tuesday evening after an epically long set of flights (“Dad, are we there yet? Dad, are we there yet?”). I’d prebooked the Heathrow express and a cheap hotel near Paddington Station. On Wednesday we took the tube to Westminster and walked around (Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abby, a bridge over the Thames, Lambeth Place). We went to the Imperial War Museum, which was excellent. We caught a bus back to Trafalgar Square where we stopped in the National Gallery and then went to Aladdin (I’d found tickets in the upper balcony and Sam just loved it).

The next day we walked through Hyde Park on the way to the science museums. We were nearly freezing and arrived there a half hour early. The nearby Mormon Museum was open so we went in and talked to the Mormon missionaries, warmed up in the chapel, and consented to watch a short video about a Japanese music group (Bless4). We did the Science, National History, and Victoria & Alberts, and then in the afternoon we made our way to Cambridge.

Cambridge has been very nice. The first evening we went with Yakhwee to Westminster College for a start-of-semester faculty party. I enjoyed meeting the people there are seeing the space. On Saturday we walked through a good number of the 31 Cambridge colleges, fed some birds, and took pictures. Yesterday was church at St. Columba’s, the United Reformed Church. It is the Week for Christian Unity, so I appreciated the sermon by the exchange pastor, a Methodist who talked about the challenges of Christian unity and what he called an “ecumenical winter” (this rings true for me). We were able to have lunch with John Whitehorne (I cowrote a paper with Shih Shuying that mentioned his work), his wife, and the wife of a former Westminster principal. St. Columba’s has a board of former missionaries, including many that are famous (Leslie Newbigin, George Hood, Elizabeth Brown). It was nice to see it in person.

Today I am taking Sam to several Cambridge Museums, first to the Sedgwick Museum, which has a lot of fossils and dinosaur bones, and then later to the Whipple, which is a science museum formed around a collection of instruments donated by Whipple in 1944.

Being around Yakhwee is fun also, since she knows all of our worlds and has known Sam since he was 15 months old. She’s tolerant of his travel quirkiness, shows us new things, and gives us the free insider tour where through chapels and other locations. I’m not the world’s best traveler, so I’m grateful to have such a good sanctuary. In the evening Yakhwee took us to evensong at St. John’s. The choir outnumbered the people who came to pray, but it was a very beautiful, traditional Anglican worship service.

Tomorrow is a meeting with the interim director for the World Christianity center here. The day after that is Oxford and then Friday we arrive in Edinburgh. Everyone’s cautioned us about Edinburgh weather, so we’re bundling up.


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